The Self-defense Weapons We Wish To Be Used In War Histories

In the war, the level of danger significantly increased, so we had some self – defense weapons to protect ourselves if we did not take the gun. However, we did not have the state – of – the – art tools to use.

On the one hand, we did not have a lot of regulations for using these self – defense weapons. Imagine that we had already used above weapons in that period of time.

1. The hammer and the screwdriver

With the screwdriver, even though it is small in the dimensions, you are able to use it as a protected tool. One thing you should not ignore is that – it could be a lethal weapon.

The feet of someone step on the screwdriver in the surface, their feet suddenly could not stop bleeding, and they have to inject to prevent Tetanus.

Or you just throw one screwdriver to an attacker to damage in their body parts like their eyes, their hands, their feet if they could not avoid the shooting quickly.

In the hammer, it is bigger in the size and it is also a lethal tool. The level of damage will depend on the force of the users to hit a murderer.

Normally, we aim to their heads to hit from the hammer. The hammer is a common popular in some old stories or appears in the portrayals in Hollywood horror movies.

2. A box cutter

The box cutter is a kind of blade that can cut an arteryquickly, so you can take that as a self – defense weapon from the attackers.

Although it is small and thin, the box cutter could lead to the stabbing wounds in the skin immediately.

Therefore, it could be a prohibited product in the Europe if you do not prove the reason for using it.
box cutter

3. A metal pipe with a flute form

With a metal pipe, you can strike the murderer smoothly in the distance between of them and you.

On the one hand, you are able to use another tool that has a circular motion or combine the metal pipe with a spear.

Andthis simple toolis one of the cheapest prices for most of the users.
metal pipe with a flute form

4. A keychain

This is a legal weapon and all of women can use it as a self – defense weapon. Before using, you need to sharpen the edges. It is also easy to bring and reach.

However, you need to combine it with a kitten or a Pitbull for using. This tool is suitable for pocket thieves when you put the tool into your purses.

5. Electronic torch or a police flashlight

The electronic torch is strong and solid to hold in your hand. It is not only be suited for self – defense weaponbut also is a useful tool for most of the users in every occupation.

With the police flashlight, it could blind a person due to a key ring, a light and lumens even if they are standing in daylight.

The tool might be a great signal to attract other people come and rescue you. The key point is you should carry a small light to reduce the weight.

6. A belt chain

If you forget to bring a self – defense tool in your bags, a belt chain could be your last option when the murderer is coming.

You should take a strong force to the attackers and combine the martial arts to support you in this emergency situation.

However, the attackers are able to break your belt chain and evade it immediately. It takes too long to hook the target.

7. A Spyderco knife

With a Spyderco knife, murderers could not find it in your body because you conceal it in your boots or your pockets. The blade is strong and sharp so it could cut everything in its way. To have a smooth using, you should have the martial arts to control the hands of attacker first and stab the attacker.

8. Pocket stick – Kubotan

In the first time you look at Kubotan, you do not think it is a self – defense weapon. It resembles a homemade stick. It is affordable and safe for most of the users, especially for women.

It is also small to conceal in a ring. With this tool, you need to aim the accurate target in order to hit in the soft areas of the body parts like the face, the neck, the stomach, the groin, etc.

9. A stone

You may be surprised that the stones can attack a person, but it is really a worth weapon. Most of human stories also mention this detail – using a stone to hit a person. Your job is finding stones that are able to create a sturdy force to shoot the attacker. Then, you might want to conceal these stones in your bags.

10.  An umbrella

This is another surprising tool for most of us. With this casual product, you need to aim and hit to the eyes of the attackers. Or you are able to shoot in the neck, stomach, and groin.


We sometimes think that a self – defense tool is an upgrade platform like the firearm and the bow. Nonetheless, what did you do to get a weapon when you do not have these real weapons? In this situation, we should think out of a box and create other equipment to protect ourselves.

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