History Of The Essential Oil Diffusers

History Of The Essential Oil Diffusers

The essential oil diffusers are known as the heraldsof the quintessence of health and beauty industry. Moreover, it is also replacement remedy that refers the conventional methods of alleviating nourishments by taking the herbs, inhaling, smoking, etc.

The use of essential oils had appeared since the ancient civilization period of time in China, Egypt, Greek,and Rome.

Today, the essential oil diffusers are used as an aromatherapeutic treatment of the happening diffusion form. In addition, it provides the fragrance of the essential oils and herbal species for healing distillation.

The main categories of the essential oil diffusers that you may come across

Nebulizing diffusers

Nebulizing diffusers have the same platforms of the basic perfume sprays, and they are rated one of the best oil diffusers in the market today.

On the one hand, nebulizing diffusers could put the essential oil into the space of the environment in the form of blobs with the automatic timer in order to avoid the unwanted waste of the essential oil.

Ultrasonic diffusers

Ultrasonic diffusers use the electronic current to make a disk instrument in order to release a vibration that will create the spread of the essential oil micro molecules into the air.

To cause this happening, ultrasonic diffusers need to have a huge amount of power, but they could discharge a mist to be suited in the fragrance environment.

Evaporative oil diffusers

Evaporative oil diffusers will work based on the wind – blow diffusion of the essential oils with a controlling process.
They have one part of the essential oils that cause the eliminating of the healing components to the essential oils.
The aromatherapy process could not expand the maximum level if the vaporous oil diffusers are used.

Heat diffusers

Heat diffusers make the essential oils quickly vaporize and they could not able to increase the potential combination of the essential oils being used.

Once using the heat diffusers, you will reduce the waste of energy and save the budget as well as they do not noise at all.

The function of the essential oil diffusers

When using the essential oil diffusers, all of the molecules given out the air from one space to another space as well.

Most of the essential oil diffusers could start its process due to the heat and the energy, permeation is being known the best natural method of the essential oils as they are the main ingredients of the aromatherapy treatment.

Essential oils could enter to the brain cells to restorative them and build a high sense of physical, mental and well – being healthy.

Top health benefits of using the essential oil diffusers

  • Cleans and removes the bad particles in the air to kill all kinds of bacteria and virus;
  • Creates the great impact of the aromatherapy and control the mood;
  • Provides the amount of aura and positive energy;
  • Reduces the anxiety and the pressure;
  • Shakes out the tremendous fragrance from one space to another space;
  • Boosts your confidence through creating much positive thinking;
  • Balances hormones;
  • Heals the skin issues;
  • Fights off insects;
  • Decreases the pain, especially chronic pain;
  • Easily breathe;
  • Upgradescognitive function;
  • Revamps the digestion system;
  • Diminishes cellulitis and wrinkles

Some popular essential oils to try and get experience


Bergamot is made from the Citrus Beragamia tree which has found in the Southeast Asia region. People could found the tree in Italy and along the Ivory Coast nowadays. Bergamot is a common aromatherapy oil and is being used in colognes and perfumes.

In the medical treatments, Bergamotcould reduce the anxiety, stress, depression, anorexia state and other infections like the skin irritation, psoriasis, and eczema. On the other hand, it might help the liver, digestive system, spleen, work better.

With the Bergamot, you should not drop it directly in your skin as it might burn your skin cells, especially in the sunlight. Once using the oil, you need to stay away from the sun.


Marjoram could treat the hyperactivity and the anxiety perfectly which are the best solutions for these states.
Furthermore, it contributes its function in constipation and cramps due to the popular Greek plant.

With the leaves and flowers, Marjoram oil is steam purified to reduce asthma or sinusitis symptoms as well.

For those who have the insomnia state, tension or headaches, you should add a few drops of the Marjoram oil in the bath water to reduce these problems. Moreover, Marjoram oil also boosts the circulation and reliefs the pressure.


Cedarwood is made from the Juniperus Virginian which is a tree in the North America area, and it was born in the ancient Egypt region.

Cedarwood could mix to the facial creams, mist inhalation, and massage oils to cut down the stress, anxiety, and pressure.

The oil also plays an important element of reducing the skin problems and, the urinary tract and the respiratory issues.

Please bear in mind that Cedarwood oil could not directly drop in the skin areas and pregnant women should not use it during this careful time.


Chamomile oil is called from the herbs as well as the Roman Chamomile and German Chamomile from the leaves and the plants.

Chamomile oil comes from the growing leaves throughout the steam distillation to become massage oils or mix with the lotion and the cream. The Roman also used Chamomile as the mouthwash as the reduction element naturally.

To be inflammation component, the Chamomile oil is one of the best treatment in the natural medication for the urinary tract and the digestion system.

For those who have the allergy of the Ragweed ingredient, you should not use the Chamomile oil, and pregnant women could not take this oil during the pregnancy period of time as well.


In a nutshell, essential oils have become to be used in the massage application since the 1950s, and the use of essential oils were the main part of replacement as well as comprehensive health treatments.

Essential oil diffusers are better than the conventional methods of the candles to use the essential oil diffusion. Candles could remove the natural fragrance of the essential oils, and the application of the essential oils do not work on beauty and health benefits.