Hearing Protection for Soldiers

Hearing Protection for Soldiers

The fact is that the sheer power as well as the volume of an explosion or a gunshot won’t be faithfully recreated in both video games and movies. As you see, after all of the explosions and gunfire in the war, there is no one who comes home permanently deaf. Sure, many of us are wondering about this case, right? In order to answer this question. Let’s keep reading, we will give you information about hearing protection for soldiers.

Why Protect Your Hearing?

It’s an important task to protect your hearing from loud sounds. This can help to not only protect your ears but also enjoy the things in your life. For example, you can comfortably enjoy your favorite tunes.There are many reasons why you should protect your hearing. First, if you get hearing loss, you can’t treat it with medication. You may experience hearing loss just because of one exposure to very loud sounds. Or, you can also get ringing in your ears caused by exposure to loud noises. And, they can affect your training and mobilizations.

How to Determine the Noise is Too Loud?

The feet rule is a general rule. When communicating with someone who is sitting far from three feet away and you need to shout, this noise level can be damaging. You should avoid being exposed to the louder sounds. It’s essential to understand the safe volume limit. That can help to protect yourself.

Warning Signs Of Hearing Problem

Of course, you will get a feeling of muffled or fullness sound every after leaving a noisy area. It may be a concert, car race, hunting, or a woodworking. After that, you can also get the prolonged ringing or buzz because of the noise. After exposure to noise, you may also find it hard to understand speech. If you have any problem with your ears, it’s best to see your medical professional. He will help you test your hearing.

History Of Military Ear Protection

For each soldier, it’s important to preserve the hearing throughout history. But, this is only a recent invention. Before, soldiers didn’t have any ear protection equipment. In fact, the high up in the military hierarchy may not pay attention to taking care of soldiers’ hearing. That’s why many people wonder whether how they can protect their ears before. There are many sources of harmful sounds such as the sounds of jets and tanks.

They are really a deafening experience. As lately as 2010, American troops have still gone into combat with no ear protection. There are many problems you can get when entering combat with no ear protection. They include full or partial deafness, ruptured eardrums, hemorrhaging of the eardrums, increased risk of heart disease in later years, and sleep disturbances.

The Military Ear Protectors

The ear protection for soldiers is different from the way you can see in most of the civilian sector. Normally, ear muffs and ear plugs can block out noise in civilian jobs. But, there is a slight difference when it comes to military ear protection. In combat, it’s essential to beware of the situation. Indeed, just by being aware properly what’s happening around you, you can say no with the dead.

So, how to hear your surroundings while blocking gunshots and explosions. In fact, it’s simple to protect ears for the military. You just need to use a simple system of noise filtration. This can help to reduce the loud noise significantly. Thanks to this system, you can protect your ears from going deaf.

How To Protect The Soldier’s ears

As a soldier, the thing you need to do is using the right hearing protection. It can help to reduce the level of noise you have to hear. Of course, you will be required to use hearing protection in the military with the purpose of protecting yourself from dangerous noise, according to the Army Operational Hearing Program Field Manual. There are many choices of hearing protection available in various sizes. Some of them are ear/noise muffs, pre-formed earplugs, foam earplugs, custom-made earplugs, and ear canal caps. So, you need to choose the right option.

Causes Of Ear Damage In The Military

You may don’t know the potential causes of ear damage in the military. Sure, the reason that causes hearing loss in soldiers is gunfire. This is actually the main cause. In addition to gunfire, soldiers also have to use utilize some explosive. Also, they have to be exposed to a commotion caused by armored vehicles. So, they have to protect their ears more than anything else. Even for soldiers on aviation details, they also need to wear ear protection because of the deafening noise of the turbines in jets.


It’s very important to protect hearing for soldiers. And, it’s more important than in any other occupation. That’s the truth because it can help to decide the outcome of life or death situation. That’s all I want to talk about hearing protection for soldiers.

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