Dog’s history – How dogs became man’s best friend

Dog’s history – How dogs became man’s best friend

Humans and dogs have lived side by side for such a long time. We may all know the phrase that a dog is a man’s best friend. It is agreed by scientists that dogs descended from wolves and eventually evolved into the first animals to be domesticated. But that’s where the consensus ends and opens to a long debate about how they became such human’s loyal companions? Many researches have been carried out using archaeological records and genetic studies to figure out the facts about how dogs and human came to live together, but they seem to tell different stories of how it took place.

There is one popular theory which suggested that tens of thousands of years ago, when wolves ventured into human settlements looking for food, they may have gathered at human garbage dump sites where they could look for food. And human may have routinely defended their settlements from invading wolves by killing off aggressive individuals. From feeding in the garbage dumps of just pre-agricultural human, the transaction allowed for the speciation of dogs from their wolf ancestors. However, another theory tends to be a little heretical and says that early human and wolves got together from the time they just met on the trail of the big game: hunting. Ancient hunters used wolves as companions during hunting as guards and eventually trained them so from the beginning of that union, dog – wolves and humans were together. Human’s skills and knowledge combined with wolves’ speed and sense of smell turned them into complementary partners for their mutual benefits.


The Beginning of the Friendship

Although the beginning of the man-dog friendship is still not an exact science, there is something that we do know for certain. At first, humans began to live in regions close to tamed wolves and then humans practiced artificial selection and breeding dogs for behavioral traits on top of physical characteristics. For a good 10,000 years of domestication, dogs always serving a purpose and had a job to do. We have provided them with food and shelter and conversely, they have been put to many specific tasks and served us with a whole range of activities, much more than any other domesticated animals has done.

Throughout the ages, dogs have been one of man’s closet companions and through many tasks and challenges, this relationship just goes deeper and deeper. Dog is a protector, helper, lifesaver, provider and an incredible friend to man. This connection, psychologically, makes sense because both man and dogs are social beings and benefit mentally and even physically from such a strong bond. Dogs are incredible creatures that have proven themselves time to time to be loyal, kind, understanding and have an indomitable spirit. They are social pack animals who require attention and affection from the owners. And we, plainly and simply, call dogs our best friends because we love them. We play with them, rely on them for many reasons, but also take care of them as we always want them to be in good condition.

Keeping Your Furry Friend Healthy

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